water wellHappy New Year!

With all of the recent rain, we tend to forget about our water wells; however, this is the time to examine your wellhead and make sure it is properly secured.  If a wellhead is not properly secured, heavy rain and flooding can become a direct conduit for contamination to your drinking water supply.

Top 5 water wellhead inspection tips –

  1. Examine the electrical conduit attached to the wellhead and make sure the connection is properly sealed and water tight.  It’s important to note that the liquid tight conduit will break down due to UV exposure. Look for cracks and any disconnections that expose electrical wires.
  2. Check the electrical connection at control box – make sure the conduit is properly connected to control box.
  3. Inspect the wellhead for any open access ports.
  4. Check well casing for holes or cracks.
  5. Check the plumbing seal to the wellhead for rusted bolts and broken off plugs that could allow for exposing direct access for rodents and contaminated water.

If you find any exposed wires, please contact a professional electrician or a pump contractor.  It is not safe to handle electrical wiring if you don’t have the proper experience.