safety first signSafety is a concern for any water well drilling business, and at Granite Drilling, it’s a top priority for how we function on every job.  While our machinery is state of the art, it’s still machinery, and it has to be operated by experienced workers.  When you hire Granite Drilling, you can be certain that we adhere by my top 5 safety requirements –

  1. Look Up! – Look up before you set up!  Always ensure that when you raise the drill derrick or pump rig tower, you look up.  Seems obvious; however, many drillers have been killed by hitting power lines because they weren’t looking up to make sure they were clear to activate their machinery.
  2. Wear a hard hat – It happens all the time…a worker is bent over fixing something or connecting piping, and suddenly, he/she stands up and hits his/her head on a large, metal pipe.   Not good!  We always wear hard hats.  My crew is not allowed to work without them.
  3. Ear protection – The drill rig isn’t quiet.  It’s important to wear ear-plugs so that you can have a long career in being able to communicate with others on the job.
  4. Lift objects properly – I encourage my crew to lift objects with the machinery provided (cranes/forklift).  If they can’t use the machinery, then when we lift heavy objects from the ground, we bend our knees.
  5. Situational awareness – We are acutely aware of what is happening on any job, so as to ensure the team and equipment remain safe.

If you have a drilling operation, and you aren’t following these 5 rules, I recommend that you start.  Our employees are critical to our industry, and good ones are hard to find.  Let’s make sure we keep them safe.